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OH Physician, London

'I have acted as a locum senior occupational physician for Cheviot Recruitment during the last four years. The posts have been in the NHS, local government and industry. Invariably, the posts have been of good quality, matched to my skills, interesting and provided the opportunity of working with good management and support staff. I have found Cheviot utterly reliable in respect of work arrangements, instructions, support and financial matters and I am happy to recommend them to potential clients, since it is clear that the client and the doctor have a common interest in these matters'

OHA, Partners in Health

'We are always impressed by the helpfulness and efficiency of Cheviot's staff in their provision of service and in their ability to answer any enquiries we may have'.


'A professional service focusing on the individual business needs of the customer and skilfully matching these to the knowledge, skills, competence and experience of the O/H Professional. Sound career advice and development offered'.

OHN, London

'Cheviot Recruitment Ltd. is the only recruitment agency for the professional, forward thinking, caring OHN. Its friendly, dedicated staff put the right nurse in touch with the right client immediately. They keep in touch and great care is taken that you are happy with your employment. I now think of them as friends and will always be grateful for their help up the ladder!'.

OHN, Cheshire

'I find Cheviot Recruitment to be "the best"! All the staff are helpful, very professional and constantly striving to find suitable appointments at times and dates to suit both the client and myself. All the staff are friendly and supportive, I find them very approachable on any matter large or small. Payment is prompt and accurate. On a scale of 1-10 they score 11!'

RN, London

'Very organised and efficient company. Welcoming and encouraging staff. Within weeks the perfect job placement had been found for me. Would definitely recommend Cheviot Company to colleagues and friends'.

OH Manager, Wales

'Cheviot cares about their candidates and clients. I have been both, at various stages of my career and have always been impressed by the personalised attention I have received. The team are an excellent source of professional advice and are prepared to go "The extra mile" to be of service. I strongly recommend them'.

OH Physician, London

'I have found the staff at Cheviot to always be friendly and efficient. They keep you up to date with all the new vacancies that applied to your specialist skills and organise payment promptly'.